AlMazaya Green Company

Al-Mazaya Green has recently joined Al-Fahhad Holding Group and is characterized by its implementation of projects with high and modern quality.

Agencies owned by AlMazaya Green Company:

● Solar Pack, a Dutch manufacturer of solar compressors.
● The company of the Portuguese company URBAN-DNA for the manufacture of electrical ground compressors, underground pressure containers and hidden vehicles not pressurized.
● French Agency for the cleaning of cars and machines without water and the use of environmentally friendly materials.
● Belgian company BARDAHL for the manufacture of cleaning materials for engine grease removal and others.
● The agency of the Portuguese company Tracantor.
● Agency Zentec Portuguese.
● The agency of a British company for the manufacture of bags biodegradable in the UAE.
● British agency that manufactures a product that reduces 80% of the volume of organic waste is being contacted and the rest is composted.

Activities and Services

1. Management and collection of waste and rental of cleaning equipment and clean cities.
2. Environmental consulting.
3. Cleaning the cars and machines with the Senio system without water by using environmentally friendly materials.
4. Sorting and recycling of solid waste.
5. Technology for the conversion of organic waste to compost.
6. Compiling and manufacturing environmentally friendly materials such as bags and natural cleaning materials.
7. Suction drainage system.
8. Treatment medical waste and equipment.
9. Marketing of environmentally friendly materials for insect fights.

Currently Project of Company:

-Industrial City in Jeddah.