Al Fahhad Holding Group

Al Fahhad Holding Group, a Saudi-based company based in Riyadh, is a comprehensive umbrella group of companies. The Group owns Ahmed Soliman Al Fahhad (Closed contribution) and a group of companies with diversified commercial activities, which are engaged in the fields of investment services, industrial and commercial. The Group also intends to take a strategic approach by which it will be able to bring together a group of companies with successful activities under its umbrella, building on the roots of its deep experience of up to 25 years and its potential. The Group's investments reach SR 5 billion, with a staff of more than 25,000 employees and a fleet of more than 4,500 machinery and equipment, ensuring the stability of the Group's steps, ensuring its activities and the clarity of its strategy.









Our goals

To seek strategic partnerships with local, regional and global stakeholders. - To achieve diversity by having companies in multiple fields. • Accelerate the development of our products and services to suit the requirements of our customers. • Improving the standards of our fields in the labor market. • Creating an attractive work environment, which makes the group a worthy destination for the cadres, specialists and manpower.

Our mission

To provide qualified personnel and trained staff to provide all our services in exceptional ways, in the public and private sectors, thus achieving the equation of quality and professionalism, so that we can establish a special relationship with our partners.

Our vision

To be a leading group, and a leader facility, embracing a group of distinguished companies, to keep the standards of professionalism, and achieve the international standards.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors AlFahhad Holding Company

Our Capabilities

Our accumulated capacities over 25 years allow us to take the lead as a catalyst for Saudi Arabia's economy, they also provide us with an environment in which innovation can make significant contributions to national development, our capacities are divided into two parts:

Operational capabilities

Al-Fahhad owns a fleet of vehicles for transport, waste trucks and heavy and light equipment to help to deliver a project in a record time and high quality.

Human capabilities

Al-Fahhad Company has strong human capacity, both skilled Labour and experienced staff, using modern technology for project management.