Ahmed Soliman Al-Fahhad Endowments

It was established in order to provide the community and Invitation role and provide financial support to charities and charities. With the support of the Chairman of Al-Fahhad Holding Group Sheikh Ahmed Soliman Al-Fahhad and the Deputy Chairman of Al-Fahhad Holding Group Sheikh Fahhad Soliman Al Fahhad in order to provide full support to the Establishment for its role and responsibility in front of the community and spreading Invitation.
It is a charitable Est. that supports and sponsors charity through charitable organizations in accordance with Shari'a regulations and abide by the regulations governing work within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The most important programs that were provided from 1/9/1437 to 30/5/1438 is following:

● Converted to Islam, thanks God (25) persons.
● Lectures were held (18) lectures.
● Intensive courses to learning ablution and prayer.
● Quranic episodes in the camps (14) episodes.
• Tours and visits to Invitation (210) tour.
● Words after the prayer with 180 words.
● Greetings in Eid to communities.
● The Holy Quraan and Sunnah competition was held.
● The performance of Omrah for (300) workers.
● A fasting program was held for fasting in Ramadan for (5000) workers.
● The cricket league was held.

Our Projects

1. Day care was supported to organize its activities and organize the new building Al-Sad area in Buraidah for SR 5 thousand.
2. The Holy Qur'an Memorization Association supported SR 800,000
3. The Holy Quran memorization competition was organized by Ahmed Soliman Al Fahhad & Sons Company with prizes of SR 115,000
4. Strategic partnership with Invitation offices to supporting housing of company and the held Invitation activities about 120.000 Riyals
5. The value of the currency exchange was 412125 Riyals .

Our Mission

To invite the employees of the company to Islam with wisdom and good advice and to educate the Muslims on the matter of their religion according to the approach of the righteous ancestors. Invitation programs, and strategic partnerships, with planned and organized work.

Our vision

To lead Invitation to God and spread Islam and promote its values, and to be a distinctive model at the level of companies.

Our goals

Institutional work within three years. Inviting non-Muslims to enter Islam. Educating Muslim communities about their religion and promoting Islamic values. Enter the pleasure of the communities and show them that we are one family that brings us this great religion. Qualified of some communities to do the call to God to be a good brick and an invitation in his country.